Norbert Loves to Eat

I love to eat. When I’m hungry.

If I’m not hungry, and you try to feed me, I will do one of 3 things:

  1. Take it and store it in one of my dishes for later.
  2. Take a bite, turn my head to the side, and surreptitiously spit it out.
  3. Pretend to take a bite.

My favorite foods are, in no particular order: lettuce, tofu, chips…mmm…salty chips… Wait. Did I hear someone open the chip bag? Did you hear that? Hey! You! Flock member with the chips! Yep, I’m talkin to you! Chip! Me too!

sound of crunching…

Ah, excellent. Mmm, chip. Now where was I? Oh yes. Favorite foods. Edamame, salmon, chicken, green beans, cucumbers, zucchini, almonds, salty cashews… Well, I have a lot of favorite foods. Many of them are green vegetables. I also like apples and bananas.

Not a vampire

Certain fruit and vegetables I like only for their juices. In this case, I will spit out the part I do not like. For instance, apples. I like to take a bite, suck out all the juice, then spit out the fibrous part. Same with corn kernels. And green peppers. Some things are all about the juice, you know? But this does not make me a vampire.

No live food

Speaking of which, I do not eat anything that is alive. I hear rumors of less human quaker parrots, out in the wild, in places like Chicago, eating things like live bugs. Yuck! Maybe, just maybe, if someone cooked them first, you could convince me to try one. One time, someone – let’s just randomly call him Mark – tried to feed me a live bug. It was a little dark bug, it looked like a seed. I spit that out so fast! Disgusting! And it moved in my mouth! shudders. Gross. I never fell for that again.

Nothing red or orange

I do not like food that is orange or red. The only exception to this rule is sweet potatoes. I like those. And red apples are OK. But I never eat the peel (see vampire section above).

eating with my flock

Eating with my flock

I really, really, really like to eat with my flock. I have my own ceramic dishes, made by a human named Katie. She’s pretty cool. Sometimes she comes to visit me. My flock members think she comes for them, but I know what’s really going on. I also have my own perch next to the table, with a dish attached. Almost anything that anyone else eat, I can eat too. With just one exception: avocados.

No avocados

Avocados are really dangerous for me. The pit and the skin are poisonous, and just a little bit could make me really sick or even kill me. So no avocados, please! But if you are having chips with those…just a hand over a chip, and no one gets hurt. I can totally eat a chip the size of my head. Or I can save the rest for later.

What do you like to eat?



8 replies on “Norbert Loves to Eat”

Ivan does not share the love for cashews. He calls them “deadly poison” they are like avocados to him.

I only like cashews salty and roasted. And they have a nice shape that is easy to carry around in my beak. I will not offer you any of my cashews. It sounds like you should stay far away from them!
Love, Norbert.

Carrots, avocados, rice, cream of wheat, chicken, garlic, broccoli, and turkey. That’s what I like to eat!

Abram, I also love broccoli. And chicken, turkey and rice. But I only get chicken and turkey when I visit my extended flock. At home, we are mostly vegetarian! PS – Carrots are orange. I do not like them.
Love, Norbert.

I am not a fan of Mango. Maybe it is too orange-ish in color. If you offered it to me, I would push it away. If you persisted, I would spit it out.

– Love, Norbert

About desserts…
Sometimes we make cookies, and there are nuts and seeds in them. Sunflower seeds. Chia seeds. Cashews. Almonds. These are all yummy things. But I am just as happy with an almond. Or a salty cashew. Did I mention that I like salty snacks?
– Love, Norbert

Hey Ezri, I remember you.
Mmm…potato chips. I do like potato chips. A lot. I like to lick all the salt off first. And then eat the chip. Well, usually eat the chip. They are nice and crunchy. But it is really all about the salt. Chips are so awesome, I try to carefully place my leftover chip into one of my dishes for later. We should eat chips together sometime. Come visit and bring the chips!
– Love, Norbert

Ezri wants to know “Has you tried potato chips? Is there a way to free your a way to free you from your parrot body? I like to eat potato chips. I like fruit especially mango. Has you tried mango? I also likes desserts. Has you tried desserts?”

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