The Benefits of Being Small

My friend Ezri asked me a question the other day. She wanted to know if, as a human trapped in a parrot body, I ever escape my parrot body. Why would I want to do that? Let me tell you, being parrot-sized is pretty great. I am going to tell you the top 3 reasons it is great to be parrot-sized.


Number 1 Reason it is Great to be Parrot-sized:
Hanging out under big wings.

I can hang out under the wings of my flock members, and other people I trust. I love doing this. This is Mark. I love him a lot, even though he once tried to feed me a bug (see Eating post for more on that).

under Mark’s wing

Number 2 Reason it is Great to be Parrot-sized:
I travel with my entire room!

It’s easy to take me on road trips. Can you take your bed with you on a trip? All of your toys? I can. I can take my entire room with me when we travel. My cage fits in the back seat of the car.

Number 3 Reason it is Great to be Parrot-sized:
Riding on shoulders. So awesome.

I love to hang out on people’s shoulders. Riding around, singing together, or just hanging out. On a shoulder, I get free transportation all over the house. I get to be part of every conversation, and can watch what everyone is doing. Sometimes I just roost there, puffing up like a little green down pillow.

Tell me all your secrets!

Are you small enough to ride around on someone’s shoulder? Pretty fun, right? Unfortunately, the larger human usually gets tired eventually. Well, imagine this: what if you weighed only a 1/4 of a pound? That’s how much I weigh, and I get to ride around and hang out on shoulders for hours!

As a matter of fact, I can sit a lot of places that you can’t. Like on the end of someone’s knee. That is especially useful when I want to be right in the middle of a group of people. Like this:

What else?

Can you think of other reasons it is great to be parrot-sized? Share them with me!



4 replies on “The Benefits of Being Small”

I have a fleece hammock in the back of my cage, it is called a happy hut. I like to hide in there a lot. If you make a tent with a blanket, I might crawl in and hide there with you. We can cuddle and tell secrets.

Abram, you must know some REALLY big birds! Eating trees and houses! I would never eat someone’s house. Not even if I was big enough to do it.

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